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I’m Becca Niederkrom and I’m on a serious mission to “connect the unconnected” in order to help you create independence, increase your job skills/client attraction skills and as always help the Boomer & Mature Market live their best lives.  You see, I left a multiple 6-figure income corporate job to do this.  It was a crazy fun and wildly exhausting job . . . but I noticed something . . . the 50+ world goes unnoticed for what they need AND what they have to offer.  Not cool man!

I wanted to do something that really meant something in my life, so I created a training/consulting business and this show.  Originally, my focus was on the 80+ computer user but I have at least 50% of my business that consists of boomer age  . . . and some Millennials (shhhh, don’t tell anyone but they get even more lost in all these techno tools sometimes).

I AM a teacher, speaker, digital program creator, marketing consultant and a senior care business mentor.  I do this through phone consults, Skype, group programs, speaking engagements and online programs.

My home base is in Dallas, TX (I’m originally a South Flah-rida girl) but I travel as much as possible . . . cause I can.  In 2014, if you have a laptop and you haven’t seen the huge opportunities on the world wide web (no, not talking Amway kinda stuff), like real authentic ways to promote your business, start a business or make some cash on the side . . . we need to talk.


My most popular request is making money online . . . and yes, it can be done easily and authentically, more here. Web 2.0 peeps, its pretty awesome.  I have a nice, large comfy home in Dallas but I keep things simple because thats important to me.  I enjoy the outdoors almost every day . . . and in 2013 I took 25 trips (3 were other countries) and made lots more money than 2012.


My name in Hebrew means “yoke” . . no, not the egg kind silly, the yoke of an oxen. Yeah, really. I like to think of myself as the joyful connector of people since 1976. And I have been teaching computers and connecting online since my first computer in 1980. Here is my mission on why I do what I do.

14 Things You Might Not Know About Me

  1. I am a newlywed.
  2. I put a pillow under my dogs head at night and spoil her rotten.
  3. I am passionate about dancing, especially Salsa, Merengue and Ceili (an Irish dance). Music fills my soul!
  4. I have never taken a Biology course, somehow I got through High School and College without it.
  5. I am a die-hard Florida State football fan and in fact named my dog Miss Bowden.
  6. Amelia Earhart has been my hero since I was 5 years old.
  7. I miss watching the Love Boat; I thought I would always be a cruise director like Julie.
  8. I am a huge fan of the library and picking up books by Seth Godin, Howarld Schultz, computer geek books . . I read gobs of non-fiction books. My ideal Saturday evening activity is reading a business book and sipping on coffee. Dork alert!
  9. I love olive oil but can’t stand the taste of olives.
  10. I love outdoor activities especially stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and mountain biking with my husband.
  11. I started a Babysitter’s Club when I was 12 after reading the series. My office hours were from 3:30 – 5:00
  12. I love public transportation; I am very competitive and find it to be like a game (I even wrote a book on it The Suburbanites Guide to Dallas Rail)
  13. I was in a coma when I was 6 years old.
  14. M&M’s are my favorite candy and have been since the beginning of time.

This is one of the best stores to find yourself a fabulous Apple product. Luv me some Mac Mall and all things Apple!


Now onto you . . . . .




More about YOU:

Here’s some insight  . . . . a  55 y.o. attorney would come to me and say “I’m a little embarrassed to let anyone know but I have no idea how to really use Google Docs or I have never put together a PowerPoint presentation, would you be willing to help me?”  And, lots of doctors, lots of business owners, consultants and so on.  After our training they would tell me, “Thank you for not treating me like a moron, my kids laugh at me, they give me the directions at 100 mph and you are the only one who I am able to learn from.  And, while I have you here, can you recommend a computer for my 95 y.o. new user Mom?”  Soooo . . there you have it, I am constantly connecting the unconnected.

I empower and equip all people with an aging senior in their life with the awesomeness of TECHNOLOGY.  And if you are part of the Sandwich generation, you need time, lots of it.  Technology is the answer to how you will multiply yourself.  For your work or for your parents, I cover it or teach a course on it.  There are gadgets, services, apps, software, phones, pill dispensers, clothing, systems, innovative canes, shoes etc to help YOU manage your busy life, career and kids while managing the needs of your senior parent.  If you know that technology has help simplified your personal life then allow me to share the tools that will keep everyone if your family independent yet connected. Want to skip the rest of the page and see some of the tools I recommend, click here

I work with 3 categories of tech seekers

1.  You are in the ramp-up phase of your business or job hunt

*YOU need more income

*YOU need to leverage your time to maximize your search
*Most importantly, you need the technology tools and awareness to do this.
The programs that best fit you include:

Back to Work Custom Coaching

Business Coaching & Consulting

My simple program to Making Money Online



2.  You have an aging parent

*You need to know what websites will offer you the tools to support your parents

*You need a shortcut as you are running out of time each day to get it all done

*You need to talk to someone on the phone that knows which tools, software applications, monitoring systems, computers or Personal Emergency Response Systems

The programs that best fit you include:

Senior Consult


Large Font Gadgets

The World’s Easiest Computer

iPad for Seniors: Beginner’s Toolkit

Click here to subscribe to my mailing list  3.  You are a business in the senior/aging industry OR a senior community You need programs for for residents You need exposure for your brand, community, app, product, service You might just need to pick my brain The programs for you include: Speaking My simple program to Making Money Online Out of the Box Test Network Like a Pro Senior Care Business Marketing Business Coaching “Connecting the unconnected”