Episode #17: Eliminate the “what ifs” with Brad Pittmon of VTech Careline

In this episode, you’ll meet Brad Pittmon and discover:

  • Anatomy of a great phone system for a senior
  • What tragedy this woman encountered where she was left lying here (7:50)
  • The specific group who would need this innovation (10:14)
  • Who they are talking to to allow this company to know exactly what you or your parents might need (14:08)

Check it out here

Click to tweet this ”Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke

Click to tweet this Wearable technology anyone? Google glasses, iWatch or a Careline Pendant

Chat with Brad in the comments below and tell him who you would purchase the Careline system for

VTech Phone Website


Twitter:  @vtechphones

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