Episode #49: Changing your Perception on Networking

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There was a time that networking was about entering a large crowded room of people you didn’t  know, all dressed in stuffy business attire and your goal was to  walk away with as many cards as possible, exchanging them frantically and promising to “do lunch”.

And then, you were supposed to follow up and make the sale.

I don’t know about you, but THAT sounds horrible to me! And for the life of me, I can’t even imagine how that would be successful in  helping you get clients. It feels sleazy, slick and not the kind of  way I want to spend an evening. Besides, it doesn’t fit my personality or my way of approaching life, and if you’re anything  like me, it probably doesn’t fit the way you approach yours, either.  (Neither does it work for this guy)

networking like a pro

No wonder 1) we don’t want to do it and 2) it doesn’t seem to work for us! It’s a totally wrong approach! (Sadly, when you read or hear various networking “pros” talk about networking, some are STILL advocating this grab-as-many-cards-as-you-can mentality and telling you to push your services onto them, asking for the sale on the first meeting. Yuck!)

So, the very first thing I want you to do is to banish what you’ve already learned about marketing and start from scratch. In essence, I’m asking you to UNLEARN all the myths and allow me to show you what it’s really all about and how to approach networking so that you actually get really great results from it and feel authentically yourself the whole time.

By now, you may be ready to get serious about your Networking:

If you are truly serious about taking your networking from 0 to 60 then go get this course right now, start applying the techniques and you’ll see a difference in less than a few weeks.  More money, more clients, more sleep at night.


Want more on Networking?  Go here


how to network like a pro



P.S.  This is one of my favorite books on the topic

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