The Why

Becca Niederkrom

I used to work for this awesome company in Silicon Valley.

The goal:  Improve education through our gadgets and software

Great goal, right?  We had excellent hardware, software, training program (thanks to Brian Martinez in Austin) and the majority of the people on both sides of the equation had a servant’s heart so a win-win-win.

Frequently I would visit the end user accounts and check in.

What I discovered? 

Technology was coming at the schools from every direction.  And, not everyone was having such an easy time assimilating to the new computers and fancy gizmos being tossed into their classrooms.  The folks challenged the most were those who never had computer skills in high school, college and to top that, never had to teach it to their own children.

I knew there had to be a better way and created that provided a systematic, slow-your-roll approach to gadgetry.  Success!  I solved all of the problems on technology and the aging population, right? Wrong.  So ridiculously wrong.

Let me dive in a bit deeper . . . keep reading if you really want to know my deep frustrations.  Or if you’ve had enough feel free to circle back to BeccaTV

With a new company, I immediately began marketing away, hired a consultant, dove into all things new and traditional about marketing, squeeze pages, landing pages, IFOs, opt ins, commercials.  You name it, I learned it and applied it immediately.  I found some local meetings in Dallas that had hundreds of other professionals serving the senior market.  Independent Living, Assisted Living, Pharmacies, In-home caregiving, aging in place designers . . .I would give my best shot of a commercial and then I heard this: “I attend 10 networking meetings per week and have never heard of someone like you before”  Alrighty.  Fair enough.  I kept attending.  I kept hearing the same comments “Seniors?  Using computers?  Why would you do such a thing?”

This is verbatim that I heard over and over at senior industry meetings and other professional groups in Dallas & Ft. Worth

While discovering all of this I had chosen to volunteer at a luxury (will remain nameless) Independent Living Center in Plano, Texas.  But was questioned weekly on why gadgets were important for seniors and most importantly their residents.  “Becca, our residents do not need to learn technology nor do they need to be on computers, they would never enjoy that as an activity”  Holy shit!  Okay, okay, I get it.

To make a long story short, I pushed right past the No’s and created a successful business tutoring boomers in business and senior citizens.  I worked with highly successful clients who were extremely intelligent, computers, smart phones etc were just new to them and how they used them.  Everything from business systems to Dropbox to copy/paste (my #1 question).

You see, it wasn’t about the computer but rather the CONNECTION that was made.

Real Estate Agents learned to use email marketing and the search function on Twitter.  Residents in Assisted Living played Frank Sinatra on Pandora.  Almost everyone started using Skype.  And as a result, everyone connected with friends, family and clients.

I’m sitting here today with being a result of my deepest frustrations and my deepest passions for the aging population.

There’s got to be a better way.

I am an ambassador for anyone working with or marketing to the boomer/senior.

As of 2014, I no longer serve seniors/boomers privately but am available for group presentations and assisting the senior care industry in digitally marketing to their customers.  If you are still working off a handshake then we need to talk.